Belmont County 4-H Events - 2024

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Belmont County PAS Show

PAS (performance against standards) Horse Show - allows members in horse project to qualify to attend the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show.


Project Judging

All Belmont County 4-H members must complete at least one project per year to remain a member in good standing. There are several ways to complete a project:

1. Attend Still Project Judging for all Non-Livestock Projects, or Livestock Skill-A-Thon Judging for all livestock and horse projects (except Horseless Horse). 

2. Attend Make-Up Judging

3. Have an advisor review project and sign off on completion.

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Livestock Quality Assurance

All members who take livestock or horse projects MUST participate in one Livestock Quality Assurance (LQA) session. This is a state mandated educational experience which teaches members to provide assured quality care of animals.


4-H Camp

4-H Camp is an opportunity for members to participate in outdoor education, skill buildling, and fun each summer! There are 2 camping opportunities specific to Belmont County, Junior Camp and Teen Camp. Junior Camp is for members in grades 3-7 and will be held at Elkhorn Valley in 2024. Teen Camp is for members in grades 8-12 and will be held at Camp Piedmont in 2024.


Belmont County Fair

The Belmont County Fair is the event for members to be able to exhibit all of their hard work they have put into their projects throughout the program year. In partnership with the Belmont County Junior and Senior Fair Boards, Belmont County 4-H is proud to have a rich history with the Belmont County Fair. For more information, visit the Belmont County Fair website.


Belmont 4-H Bootcamp

The Belmont 4-H Bootcamp event is held annually in March after the enrollment deadline. This bootcamp offers several sessions for members to learn more and be successful in their 4-H year.