The Belmont County Agricultural Society (Senior Fair Board Directors) voted to ban the use of Ractopamine in all market hog projects at the 2020 Belmont County Fair from birth to time of slaughter.  Several packers are testing for and rejecting market hogs that have been fed Ractopamine.  The Fair Board Directors will be requiring all market hog exhibitors, and their parent/guardian, to sign an affidavit stating that the hog(s) exhibited/sold have never been exposed to Ractopamine.  Affidavits will be turned in with DUNF forms.  Belmont County Fair Board reserves the right to test hogs, feed, or equipment for traces of Ractopamine residual.  Approved by BC Sr Fair Bd 2/27/2020  Click here to print the Complete Rule Change Document

The following Affidavits must be completed at noted times and turned in with DUNF form at Fair Weigh-In:

Producer Affidavit-Have Completed at Time of Purchase


Click here to Print the PDF for Producer Affidavit that should be completed at time of purchase and turned in with DUNF form at Fair Weigh-In

Parent Affidavit-Complete at Time of Fair Weigh-In


Click here to Print the PDF for Parent/Guardian Affidavit that should be completed and turned in with DUNF form at Fair Weigh-In

See Fact Sheets for additional information. 

Swine Flyer Swine Flyer

Click here to Print the PDF of the Fact Sheet