What is 4-H Council?

The major purpose of the Belmont County 4-H Council is to work with the County Extension Educator(s), 4-H (and other members of the County Extension Staff) in helping determine 4-H program needs and direction in concert with State and National policy by:

  • Helping to analyze the needs and interests of all county youth ages 5 and in kindergarten to 19 years.
  • Assisting with planning, evaluating, and recommending 4-H educational experiences, methods, and programs that will meet the needs and interests of these youth.
  • Assisting in the recruitment and development of leadership to work with the 4-H program.
  • Seeking local financial resources, as needed, to conduct, promote and expand the 4-H program.

2021 4-H Council Officers

President - Ladonna Workman

Vice-President - Crystal Phillips

Secretary - Mary Lou Barricklow

Treasurer - Mary Mowrer

4-H Youth Development Educator - Tracey Dickerson

4-H Council Membership

(taken from the 4-H Council Constitution)

Article 6:    Membership

  • All advisors are eligible for election to the Council.

Section 1:   Representation on Council

  • The county shall be divided into six areas with each club assigned to an area by their meeting location.  The purpose of thes areas will be to select representatives to serve on 4-H Council, and select a youth representative to serve on Junior Fair Boa

Section 2: 

  • Each area shall have a minimum of two (2) members and a maximum of three (3) members to represent the clubs in the are
  • The Youth At Risk Advisory Committee will have a representative attend Council meetings to keep them aware of non-traditional program efforts and needs.
  • Three business and professional people shall be appointed with one selected annually by Council to serve a three year term.
  • Two youth representatives will be selected annually from the 4-H Junior Leadership Club to serve a one year term.
  • Two youth representatives will be selected annually from the Belmont County Junior Fair Board to serve a one year term.
  • One representative will be selected from Senior Fair Board to serve a one year term.