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The Belmont County 4-H Program offers several programs and events in which the entire county is encouraged to participate.  Some of the events are required components to complete certain projects while others are optional educational opportunities.  Check out the programs and events listed below.


Mandatory Volunteer Training

All returning volunteers are required to attend a mandatory volunteer training annually.

Returning Volunteer Training Times:



New Volunteer Orientation Times:

New volunteers are NOT required to attend the mandatory volunteer trainings posted in the above section.







Livestock Quality Assurance

Livestock Quality Assurance (LQA) Certification is required for all youth exhibiting a market animal, lactating dairy cow or lactating dairy goat at the Belmont County Fair.  Certification can be obtained in two ways.  Youth can participate in a LQA program provided by OSU Extension Belmont County or by participating in the test out option.  Keep reading to learn about the new test out option.

All youth 12-14 years of age may take a LQA test designed for their age group.  If they pass the test with a score of 70% or greater, the youth will be certified in LQA until they turn 15 years old.  All youth 15-18 years of age may take a LQA test designed for their age group.  If they pass the test with a score of 70% or greater, the youth will be certified in LQA for the remainder of their Junior Fair years.  Remember, the test out option is only available to those youth who have participated in at least ONE Belmont County Livestock Quality Assurance program.  If a youth fails the LQA test, the youth will be required to attend a LQA program.

Four Testing Opportunities and Two Livestock Quality Assurance Programs will be offered this year.  ALL BELMONT COUNTY YOUTH MUST HAVE LQA CERTIFICATION BY JULY 1ST OF THE CURRENT 4-H YEAR.  Please pay close attention to the following dates and plan accordingly:

Quality Assurance Program Dates:




Quality Assurance Test Out Dates:





Livestock Skillathon

All livestock project participants exhibiting at the Belmont County Fair must participate in Livestock Skillathon.  Each participant will be interviewed by a judge, who will review the participant's up-to-date project record book and ask the participant questions pertaining to their project.  FFA record books will be accepted for participants exhibiting through the FFA.  A one-page report is required for all exhibitors as well.  The one-page report should include what the member learned by taking the 4-H project.  Participants must participate in Livestock Skillathon for Outstanding Project Knowledge (OPK) awards.

The scores for livestock skillathon and OPK awards are determined using the following points:                                   

Skillathon   20 Points
Project Book/Record Keeping   15 Points
Project Knowledge   60 Points
Neat Appearance     5 Points
Total Points 100 Points

Livestock project participants are encouraged to study their project books and project resource handbooks.  All of these resources are available from the Extension office.  The Livestock Skillathon Specie Guidelines can be found in the 4-H Member/Volunteer Handbook.  Click here to view a sample Livestock Skillathon Judging Score Sheet.

Livestock Skillathon Dates

Schedule -- COMING SOON!

** Participants who are unable to attend Livestock Skillathon may make arrangements with the Extension office to participate in Make-up Judging.  Members participating in Make-up Judging must submit a Letter of Request stating the reason for not attending regular judging.  The letter of request must be submitted to the Extension office prior to Make-up Judging Day.

Still Project Judging

In order to receive county fair trophies, grade ribbons, and the opportunity to go to the State Fair, youth are required to participate in interview judging.  As an alternative, project work may be exhibited in a club booth and will receive a green Participation Ribbon as per advisor request.  A project is considered complete if the advisor checks a member's work and determines it to be complete.  Exhibiting at the county fair is not a requirement for membership, however, no fair premiums will be paid or passes will be given to those who do not exhibit.

Still Project Judging Date

Schedule -- COMING SOON!

Sample judging score sheets:

  • Clothing
  • Writing
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Miscellaneous

The Still Project Judging and Exhibit Requirements can be found in the 4-H Member/Volunteer Handbook.

Feel free to contact the Extension Office at (740) 695-1455 with any questions.