The Belmont County 4-H Cloverbud Program provides children the opportunity to explore healthy development - mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

The Cloverbud program is developmentally-age appropriate.  It promotes non-competitive, leader directed and activity based learning experiences.  There are many fun, positive, and group-centered learning activities which allow all children to be successful.

The Cloverbud program objectives include developing:

  • self-understanding skills (self-esteem)
  • social interation skills (getting along with others)
  • decision making skills
  • learning skills (learn how to learn)
  • mastering physical skills

How do I become a Cloverbud Member?

If you are 5 years old and in kindergarten through second grade, you could be a 4-H Cloverbud member.  Contact the Extension office at 740-695-1455 to find a Cloverbud Club near you or learn how to start your own Cloverbud Club.

Cloverbud Kits and Curriculum

Ohio 4-H Cloverbud Advisors now have the opportunity to borrow 4-H Cloverbud Kits from the Extension office.  As a result of a generous gift from the Ohio 4-H Foundation, three kits were given to the Belmont County Extension Office.  The three kits focus on lessons taken directly from the Ohio 4-H Cloverbud Curriculum - Series II.  Read below to find out which kit you would like to sign out first.

Our Country - Cloverbuds will learn about our country and how to fold a flag, put together a floor puzzle of the United States, learn about the history of the 4-H flag, weave a 4-H flag, sing patriotic songs with a CD, learn fun facts about Ohio and enjoy a children's book about America Is...  The kit also contains a teacher's notebook with the Our Country Curriculum.

The Science of Sound - Cloverbuds will learn all about sound with sound experiments, participate in sound matching activities, play music on pipe chimes, color their way through a listening skills activity, play games, learn about Sounds All Around from a children's book, and have fun with sound clips on a CD.  The kit also contains a teacher's notebook with The Science of Sound Curriculum.

Food Fun - Cloverbuds will learn about the new MyPyramid, play food bingo, enjoy a music CD, read about Eating the Alphabet from a children's book, experience healthy snack ideas, and understand serving sizes using food models.  The kit also contains a teacher's notebook with the Food Fun Curriculum.

Sports Fun - Cloverbuds will learn about different sporting activities, people involved in the sports, and the playing area and equipment used for each sport.  Cloverbuds can then take turns playing each of the sporting activities, play Sports Bingo, read several books related to sports, learn about good sportsmanship, and sing classic sporting songs such as Take me out to the Ballgame.  They can create their own sports pennant, and learn how sports fit into the new MyPyramid nutrition guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture.  The kit also contains a teacher's notebook with the Sports Fun Curriculum.

Fitness is Fun! - Cloverbuds will learn about fitness and participate in several physical activities from the Half Pint Skillastics kit.  Cloverbuds can also participate in Bean Bag activities, the coordination skills CD and read Get Up and Go! by Nancy Carlson.  The kit also contains a teacher's notebook with the Fitness is Fun! Curriculum.

In addition to the New 4-H Cloverbud Kits, we also have two copies of the Cloverbud Horse Curriculum full of activities and handouts to use while you teach your Cloverbuds about horses.

The 4-H Cloverbud Kits and Horse Curriculum can be signed out, one at a time, from the Extension office, by Cloverbud Advisors for two weeks.  Feel free to contact the Extension office, at (740) 695-1455, with any questions.

Cloverbud Resources

The following resources are available from the Extension office for each Cloverbud Volunteer after they have completed their advisor training and have become an official 4-H Cloverbud Volunteer.  A small fee will be charged for some of the resources.

  • Cloverbud Instructional Materials Series I
  • Cloverbud Instructional Materials Series II
  • Cloverubud Volunteer Guide

Cloverbud Connection Newsletter

OSU Extension in Monroe and Hocking Counties provide 4-H Cloverbud Volunteers with research based information in the Cloverbud Connections Newsletter.  The newsletter is published four times a year and can be accessed via the web.  Click on the following link to read current and past issues of the Cloverbud Connections Newsletter.