There is lots of information for each of the species shown at the fair.  Be sure to review the rules for your species, including items such as birth dates, weight limits, weigh-in dates and times, show dates and times, sale date and time, and the fair entry deadline.  It is important that each junior fair member read the Junior Fair Section of the fair tab and the division for their species.  In those divisions you will find the rules, important dates and times, and award listings.

Please pay close attention to the time your animals must be in place at the fair and the time your animals are released from the fair.  Failure to comply with any of the rules listed in the fair tab may result in unwanted consequences.

Belmont County Junior Fair Livestock Requirement Summary

(All exhibitors need a copy of the summary which can be found in the 4-H Member/Volunteer Handbook.)

Junior Fair Rules Changes (As approved by Junior and Senior Fair Boards)

Exhibit rules can be found in the Fair Tab, which will be available in early summer at the Extension office. 

  Additional Livestock Resources can be found at:  OSU Department of Animal Sciences - 4-H Animal Sciences