ANR Educator Blog - This is the blog of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educators from the Buckeye Hills EERA, located in Southeastern Ohio.

Agronomic Crops Network - An online resource dedicated to bring you the latest news, information, and resources for making important management decision in agronomic crop production.

Farm Science Review - Throughout its history, Ohio State University’s Farm Science Review has been at the forefront of showcasing the future of agriculture.

Ohio Field Crop Diseases - Contains reference information about diseases of field crops in Ohio.

Ohio Crop Performance Trials - Online link to the results of Ohio Crop Perfomance Trials, used to evaluate varieties, brands and blends for yield, and other characteristics of various Ohio crops.

OhioLINE-Farm  - A valuable information resource. Principally produced by OSU Extension, OhioLINE is you link to information, news and educational resources.  Through OhioLINE, you have access to hundreds of factsheets, bulletins and other educational materials covering a wide array of subjects.

PEP-TALK  - Link to Ohio Pesticide Safety Education Program's webpage.  They provide training, education, and outreach to pesticide applicators about the safe, proper, and legal use of pesticides. The program works with farmers, businesses, and public agencies to protect human health and the environment and serves as a critical part of job training and business growth in Ohio.